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everlasting true love, I am yours


SNK•AC•Free!•Misc. Yaoi

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in my facebook page I did a ask for sasuke

what do you think?

Emily Kinney and Chandler Riggs Comic Con 2014 Panel

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When the beat of a song is good, but the lyrics are trash:


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Death Note Meme: [2/4] Favorite Scenes → Misa’s Song. (Episode 25)
Careful what you do, ‘cause God is watching your every move.
Hold my hand in the dark street, for if you do I know that I’ll be safe.
Even if I’m far away and alone, I can be sure that you’ll find me there. This I know.
You draw me close for a while, so quiet. You tell me everything.
If I forget what you say, then you come to me and tell me again. Yes you’d tell me once again.
But what happens when I know it all? Then what should I do after that? What then?

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i feel like reading fanfic has kind of broken my desire to read published stories bc like theyre so bland tbh like. where the hell am i gonna get queer android romance in a bookstore. who writes about past assassins working together in a coffeeshop. all i see are straight white people making out like really like REALLY

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Playing Animal Crossing like


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